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December update - A note about the current shipping delays. Once a shipping label is created, I drop off the order at the post office that day or the next morning - since the USPS is not scanning much and packages are sitting in sorting facilities, your order could say pre-shipment/transit until it's delivered. So don't fret! It's on it's way! Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting us and other small makers and retailers this year. It’s just incredible. ❤️❤️❤️  I’m sure you are aware that USPS is experiencing major overload while dealing with COVID and cuts. Thank you for understanding that Rachel and I get your packages out as fast as we can and drop them off in the big overflowing bins at the post office. They sometimes arrive the next day and sometimes move slowly and get delayed. I would give anything to make them all arrive the next day!!! Alas, there is nothing I can do after that nightly drop off. We do not offer refunds for orders delayed due to the shipping carrier.

Greetings from La Familia Green in Chicago!

La Familia Green is an eco-friendly company. 

All packages ship from Chicago via USPS first class mail in a padded or rigid mailer. We ship orders within 7 days (usually faster). Please remember that the USPS is experiencing some delays. 

All La Familia Green products begin in my Chicago studio as an original drawing, print, or collage. Cards and prints are printed by Catprint in Rochester, NY. Buttons and magnets are produced by Busy Beaver in Chicago, IL. And wrapping paper is printed by Stationery HQ. My assistant Rachel packs them up and sends them out to you!

A little about me...I grew up among the dusty tumbleweeds of Lubbock, Texas. And after moving to the Midwest in high school, I completed a BFA in painting and printmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Graduation forced the lesson of how to live and work as an artist—that meant retail by day, artist by night. Attempting to integrate retail skills with artistic training and a love of multiples led to the birth of La Familia Green in 2005. I am a fourth generation small business owner. I love the immediacy and intimacy of cards. You buy a card, write a note and send it out into the world. I never know how many people will experience - hold, use, enjoy - my work. I also love that I can easily and quickly express my interests through this medium. As new card ideas come to me, I jot them down in notes app. 

Running and rescue pets are my passions. I donate 10% a month back to local charities. I am also proud to be vegan - so keep in mind that all of those corndogs and nachos in my work are plant based! ;)

My studio is located in the Greenleaf Art Center on the far north side of Chicago. My dogs Zuzu and Stickers greet visitors at the door.

Thanks for stopping by,
Mollie Green